5th Istrian Supa Festival

20.01.2018. - 20.01.2018.

The festival of the Istrian supa is held as part of the event of Antonja in Rovinjsko Selo

Period: 20.01.2018. - 20.01.2018.
Place: Rovinjsko Selo
Position: Culture Center

Tent next to the Cultural Center, Matka Laginje Square, Rovinjsko Selo

16:00    Beginning of Istrian supa tasting with a rich gastronomic offer

16:30    Workshop: demonstration of the preparation of Istrian supa

17:30    Competition in preparation of traditional and creative Istrian supa (6 teams)

18:00    Evaluation of supa by the expert jury

19:00    Welcome speech and opening ceremony

19:20    Presentation of works by Rovinj elementary school pupils on the topic of making a bukaleta, a traditional Istrian pottery jug

19:30    Remiđo Sošić – giving thanks to the creator of Antonja and the first Chakavian poet of Rovinj

19:30    Best Istrian Supa award ceremony

20:00    Supa Box presentation

21:30    Awarding prizes to visitors (visitors participate in the contest by purchasing bukaleta)

Host: Jelena Vitasović

Entertainment program in the tent until 22:00 - “MAGNOLIA“

Entertainment program at the Cultural Center from 22:00 to 03:00 - “GUSTAFI” and “ANELIDI“


A free shuttle service is organized on Saturday, 20 January 2018 from the bus station in Rovinj on the route Rovinj - Rovinjsko Selo - Rovinj

Departure: 17:00; 18:00; 19:00; 20:00 / Return: 01:00; 02:00; 03:00