Venice called „the canal city “ is one of the greatest cities in the world built on 118 islands. Venice itself is a living museum with indelible traces of its history, canals and bridges (Rialto Bridge and The Bridge of Sighs), St. Mark’s Square and the stunning basilica from the 8th century. As you walk along many streets that were once crowded with artists, you will be able to see the beautiful masterpieces of Venetian architects. We will take you to see the making of the unique and beautiful Murano glass, a symbol of Venice. Later on in the day, you will have free time to find a secret or two hidden by this the most romantic city in the world!

Brijuni National Park 

Brijuni National Park is an oasis of the magnificent harmony between man, animal and plant life. There are almost 700 plant species and about 250 bird species on the islands, whereas the mild Mediterranean climate makes it a pleasant health resort.
The usual tour is by tourist train that takes visitors through different natural beauties like safari park, by the Byzantine castrum, Roman residential villa in Verige Bay and interesting sights as istrian frescoes and copies of Glagolitic monuments, natural science exhibit and archaeological museum.

Plitvice lakes

Plitvice lakes are the most known Croatian national park and they are registered in the UNESCO Register of World Natural Heritage.
Sixteen little lakes interconnected with waterfalls created by deposition of travertine, a special kind of limestone, constitute the main attraction of this unique park. The park includes the spring of the Korana River in the area surrounded by dense forests of beech, fir and spruce, partly in the form of primeval virgin forest.
Apart from the lakes, the Park is ornamented with several caves, springs, flower meadows, and different animals species.
Visitor can do sightseeing by panoramic trains, little boats or taking different walking paths.


For those who love good fun and excitement, we have organized an adventure to conquer the Kupa River! We will lead you into the embrace of nature, where you can feel excitement in getting ready for canoeing and rafting. 
Led by experienced instructors and animators, show your skills in rowing down the river and conquering the gentle rapids. 
Enjoy a typical mountain lunch at the halfway point, followed by more excitement on the river! Return to Istria in afternoon hours.

Diving in Istria

We invite you to embark upon an adventure that will reveal all the underwater beauty of the Istrian peninsula – the abundance and diversity of its well-preserved plant and animal life, as well as its multitude of underwater walls and reefs, caves and shipwrecks. Choose one of different courses for begginers and experienced divers, or just simply rent diving equipment and explore shipwrecks, a kaleidoscope of flora and incredible marine life like seahorse and octopus. On top of all, enjoy in adventurous game „ Undersea treasure hunt“ where you can win interesting prices!


If you are passionate about the waves, the sea and the wind, this is a perfect sport activity for you! Even if you are just begginer or experienced windsurfer, you can take an advantage of a sunny and windy day and enjoy in waves! 
We will take you to Premantura, near Pula where the waves are perfect for surfing! 
For the begginers there will be an instructor who will show all the technics and secrets of windsurfing, and those who are more experienced can enjoy in two-hours wave ride! 
On our way back, we will have lunch in istrian restaurant Idila Rakovci and finish this exciting sports day!

Riding - Riding club SOKO

We offer you a fantastic destination for your active holiday.
Ideally situated in the central Istria, near Pazin, in a small place Slokovici. Riding club SOKO officially opened in 2004 offers a fully guided riding holiday along the valleys and meadows of Istrian penninsula, passing  through an unforgetable landscape. Together with the family professional team, Riding club invites you to join them here in central Istria where fabulous scenery and a convivial ambience awaits you.
Our main aim is to make sure that every visitor spends an unforgettable holiday with us.
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